Project & Program Lead / Process Specialist

  • Managed CaPex/OpEx program of work for the business unit, co-ordinating input from cross-functional teams in the analysis and development of initiatives for Assurance and Activation streams.
  • Identified and managed process re-engineering initiatives worth $2.5m in business benefits to achieve Assurance process stream and operational improvements along with better customer outcomes.
  • Managed development of robotics to automate the processing of orders undertaken by the business, specifically to improve Priority Customer Team processes for Medical Priority Customers.
  • Co-ordinated User Acceptance Testing of the new Intranet platform for the business unit.
  • Developed high-level governance, system administration and support for the Quality Contact Monitoring (QCM) and Voice Signature capability, leading a SME and support team for the business.
  • Provided recommendations to influence strategic decision for the Telstra Services business unit, managing engagement with business, IT, and Vendor stakeholders.
  • Managed deployment of IM capability, engaging with Telstra Corporate Systems and Microsoft.
  • Identified and deployed process compliance and automation solutions for Field Technicians.