Project Manager / Business Specialist

  • Identified and delivered business solutions for Order Fitness stream in Fitter & Faster program. Managed activities to achieve >50% reduction in customer order escalations, contributing to reduction in system errors and cycle time to remove costs out of the business.
  • Managed agile project with Cognizant to identify solution ideas to enhance efficiency and customer experience in NBN SMB Migrations.Prioritised solutions targeting cycle time reduction by 25-45%.
  • Led automation and robotics ideation opportunities for process improvement, coordinating solution build and deployment. Delivered automation of ULL orders via strategic system, reducing fallout and removing $0.5m in operational costs. ┬áLed robotics migration to server hosted Virtual Machines.
  • Managed readiness, change and deployment activities for initiatives deploying via IT Enhancement Releases and Product Catalogue Deployments, mitigating against negative business impacts.
  • Developed data insights and reporting to enable business target outstanding NBN Consumer incidents, enabling improved resolution tracking, aiding business in iTAM reduction by 50%.
  • Coordinated O2A channel readiness for and contributed to Telstra Air and Telstra TV product deployment. Facilitated hands-on workshops for Perth-based teams.