Program Lead / Change & Deployment Lead

  • Managed improvements for IP Express product offerings in Online, BPM and Voice Signature, reducing cycle time and removing business operational costs. I led business requirements input, conducted cost-benefit analysis and prioritisation, led vendor engagement, measured in-flight initiative performance.
  • Facilitated Fulfilment Capital Planning with business and IT to identify CaPex and OpEx initiatives for a 3Y PoW plan, coordinating delivery of project charters and cost-benefit analysis.
  • Managed business readiness and integration of technology solutions through IT Enhancement Releases and individual programs including SNRM, IPAM, Siebel system deployment.
  • Conduced readiness and migration activities from Windows XP to Windows 7 SOE, co-ordinating application testing and remediation activities across business unit.
  • Supported deployment of Quality Impact 360 solution across Telstra Retail and Assurance call centres, enabling Quality Contact Monitoring and Voice Signature capabilities for process improvement and compliance.
Telstra Experience


Technology Lead / Senior Technical Project Specialist

  • Part of a Team accountable to develop and execute on the Digital Transformation strategy for the Business Unit, leading Technology program of activities and contributing to collaborative discussion on the operating model (process changes, new skillset and capability requirements, partner approach, customer migration) across Consumer & Small Business segments.
  • As Technology Lead, represented Business Unit in B2C Digitisation program, contributing to its operationalisation and change, integration and communications agenda.
  • Managed progression of technology pipeline to deliver targets; mitigated risks; conducted contingency analysis; ensured resource and funding; provided input to process development along with change, integration and operationalisation activities.
  • Led comprehensive assessment of applications and robotics used by business to develop a roadmap for their migration and decommissioning as part of Telstra’s Digital Transformation in FY20-22 and the T22 strategy.
  • Explored and analysed innovation capabilities in the strategic technology and digital workplace pipeline, supporting their embedding in the business for collaborative, operational and process improvements.
  • Managed pilot and application readiness activities for India Delivery teams to migration to the new HSD VDI and prepare for Salesforce CRM adoption.
  • Co-ordinated business readiness and deployment activities, including Business Verification and User Acceptance Testing and for applications and systems, for the migration to Windows 10.
  • Analysing capabilities in the strategic technology and digital workplace pipeline, supporting their assessment and embedding in the business for operational and process improvements.
  • Championing digital workplace capabilities across the business (Microsoft O365, Teams, SharePoint; Jira; Cisco Webex; Mobile Device Management), deploying these and promoting their adoption for New Ways of Working, to enhance business’ digital toolset and improve team collaboration.
Telstra Experience


Project Manager / Business Specialist

  • Identified and delivered business solutions for Order Fitness stream in Fitter & Faster program. Managed activities to achieve >50% reduction in customer order escalations, contributing to reduction in system errors and cycle time to remove costs out of the business.
  • Managed agile project with Cognizant to identify solution ideas to enhance efficiency and customer experience in NBN SMB Migrations.Prioritised solutions targeting cycle time reduction by 25-45%.
  • Led automation and robotics ideation opportunities for process improvement, coordinating solution build and deployment. Delivered automation of ULL orders via strategic system, reducing fallout and removing $0.5m in operational costs.  Led robotics migration to server hosted Virtual Machines.
  • Managed readiness, change and deployment activities for initiatives deploying via IT Enhancement Releases and Product Catalogue Deployments, mitigating against negative business impacts.
  • Developed data insights and reporting to enable business target outstanding NBN Consumer incidents, enabling improved resolution tracking, aiding business in iTAM reduction by 50%.
  • Coordinated O2A channel readiness for and contributed to Telstra Air and Telstra TV product deployment. Facilitated hands-on workshops for Perth-based teams.
Telstra Experience


IT Transformation Lead / Project Manager

  • Managed integration of IT Transformation program capabilities and system enhancements into business operations, engaging IT, networks, business and vendor stakeholders. Identified and monitored initiatives for process impacts, co-ordinating cross-channel E2E testing.
  • Managed combined Business Verification Testing across channels for the technology capability deployments.
  • Developed and managed the project schedule for the team, enabling content and knowledge sharing resources across SharePoint repositories and relevant databases.
Telstra Experience


Project Manager / BPM Process Analyst

  • Contributed to business 3-year IT Strategy planning, conducting requirements gathering for IT architecture roadmaps, prioritisation, gap and costs-benefits analysis for the combined business input.
  • Developed, deployed and maintained process frameworks, methodologies and tools within Process Solutions to enable effective Business Process Management capability and continuous improvement.
  • Managed procurement of IT infrastructure for the Process Analytics Data System environment to house, manage and analyse data for business operations dashboards, insights and reporting.
  • Evaluated Yammer as one of first 100 early adopters within Telstra. Assessed, recommended and deployed it for BU collaboration and knowledge sharing, championing its Telstra-wide adoption.
  • Managed the pilot introduction of process simulation and modelling capability with ExtendSim.
  • Contributed to the development of the business process repository to align process information according to the Telstra Process Model following the Business Process Framework (eTOM).
  • Led development of Telstra training courses working with Accenture, process architects and business.
Telstra Experience


Project & Program Lead / Process Specialist

  • Managed CaPex/OpEx program of work for the business unit, co-ordinating input from cross-functional teams in the analysis and development of initiatives for Assurance and Activation streams.
  • Identified and managed process re-engineering initiatives worth $2.5m in business benefits to achieve Assurance process stream and operational improvements along with better customer outcomes.
  • Managed development of robotics to automate the processing of orders undertaken by the business, specifically to improve Priority Customer Team processes for Medical Priority Customers.
  • Co-ordinated User Acceptance Testing of the new Intranet platform for the business unit.
  • Developed high-level governance, system administration and support for the Quality Contact Monitoring (QCM) and Voice Signature capability, leading a SME and support team for the business.
  • Provided recommendations to influence strategic decision for the Telstra Services business unit, managing engagement with business, IT, and Vendor stakeholders.
  • Managed deployment of IM capability, engaging with Telstra Corporate Systems and Microsoft.
  • Identified and deployed process compliance and automation solutions for Field Technicians.
Telstra Experience


Technology Manager / Business Specialist

  • Managed technology stream of the major program to deploy a QCM capability across Telstra’s assurance contact centres. Led the integration, procurement, deployment and technical training components, delivering a cost-effective and timely capability integration in the business.
  • Identified initiatives in Next Generation Cost Reduction program to reduce system complexities in the network operations business. Managed initiatives contributing to $2.3m in business benefits.
  • Facilitated idea generation and problem-solving workshops to evaluate and manage business initiatives, prioritising CapEx and OpEx spend related to Infrastructure Services lines of business.
  • Managed development of robotics to automate business processes for customer diversions.
  • Mentored and supervised Graduates in web-based, Intranet and robotics development work.
  • Enhanced business operation through automation and development of web-based tools, forms, robots, assisting individual contact centres in developing and maintaining Intranet repositories.
  • Promoted Knowledge Management concepts and methodologies across Telstra, representing business unit at the Telstra Knowledge Management forums. Played a key role with stakeholders from Telstra Research Labs, Office of Chief Architect and BU’s in founding the Telstra Knowledge Community.
  • Researched business intelligence capabilities in data mining and predictive modelling, applying these to address business issues around resource management and customer churn.
  • Assessed business operation and its strategic direction, promoting and driving business vision, looking to improve business operation through new technology capabilities.
  • Co-ordinated User Acceptance Testing for new Intranet platform across Telstra Infrastructure Services business unit.
Telstra Experience


Call Centre Operations Coordinator / eCare Specialist

The role was split into two functions, Call Centre Operations Coordinator (2/3) and eCare Specialist (1/3).

  • Provided operational support at Perth’s Customer Network Support Centre, managing IT infrastructure and systems support, applying business analysis and project management principles to drive for continual operational improvements. This role later developed into the Operations Manager role in Telstra Operations contact centres.
  • Provided L2 assurance support for eCare Helpdesk (now BIG) for Telstra products such as Internet Direct, Telstra IP Telephony, xDSL. Successfully managed and resolved issues for large Business and Enterprise customers on the Telstra Internet Direct platform.
  • Part of a project team which instigated the Ringback function for the business – initiative improved customer contact after case resolution and provided uplift in product sell opportunity.
  • Project managed the deployment of Instant Messaging tool to technical workgroups in all Customer Network Support Centres across Australia.
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