WA Certificate of Secondary Education

Graduated from Kent Street Senior High School.


  • Came in Top 1% in the 1996 Australian Mathematics Competition;
  • Undertook the following 6 subjects for the Tertiary Entrance Exam: Calculus, Applicable Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English, Geography;
  • Received ‘Dux of Class’ award for Year 12 Geography;
  • Was awarded 2-week ‘Mining Engineering’ work experience at Mt. McClure Gold Mine.


Diploma of Project Management (AQF)

Presented a portfolio of work based projects towards assessment against Diploma in Project Management Competency Standards, completing the following units of assessment:

  • BSBPM501A – Manage Application of project integrated processes
  • BSBPM502A – Manage project scope
  • BSBPM503A – Manage project time
  • BSBPM504A – Manage project costs
  • BSBPM505A – Manage project quality
  • BSBPM506A – Manage project human resources
  • BSBPM507A – Manage project communications
  • BSBPM508A – Manage project risk
  • BSBPM509A – Manage project procurement


Diploma of Telecommunications Engineering

Presented a portfolio of work based projects and work experience towards assessment against Diploma of Telecommunications Engineering Competency Standards, completing the following units of assessment:

  • ICAITB069B – Develop software
  • ICTTC26C – Develop and deliver technical information to all company staff
  • ICTTC058C – Acceptance test new systems and equipment
  • ICTTC076C – Complete equipment/software upgrades
  • ICTTC084C – Provide expert advise and support on very complex CPE fault
  • ICTTC041C – Schedule Resources
  • ICTTC076C – Complete Network Equipment/Software Upgrade
  • ICTTC081C – Perform tests and fault diagnosis on remote from the customers premises
  • ICTTC085C – Monitor, analyse and action telecom network alarms
  • ICTTC087C – Undertake remote repair of network faults
  • ICTTC099C – Remotely locate and identify cable network faults


Bachelor of Engineering [Hons]

Bachelor of Engineering studies covered Computer Systems, Electrical, Electronics, Networking, Programming and Telecommunications.

Majored in Computer Systems Engineering with Honours.

High Distinction Awards for top of the class in:

  • Software Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Engineering Management
  • Computer Networks
  • Engineering Project